Blue Screen of Death Windows 10 (BSOD) [Fixed 2024]

Summary In this article, you will find the solutions for Windows 10 Blue Screen Error as well as the reasons that a bluescreen appears. Continue reading.

You may have encountered a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error if you encounter a Windows OS blue screen with the error message ” The PC has run into a problem, and you need to restart”.

The BSOD error is always accompanied by a stop code so that the user can learn more about the error and find a solution.

This blog is for Windows users that are experiencing blue screen errors. This article will teach you to fix blue screen errors in Windows 10.

What Is the Blue Screen Of Death?

A Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) appears after a fatal system error. This blue screen is a sign of a system crash or OS that has become unable to manage the system in a safe manner.

It is important to resolve this issue as quickly as possible, or your computer may be damaged and you could lose important data.

What Causes the Blue Screen of Death?

The blue screen of death can be caused by a number of factors. Here are some common causes. Take a look and learn what causes the Blue Screen of Death in Windows 10.

  • There is not enough space on the system disk.
  • Damaged embedded hardware
  • Incompatible BIOS version
  • Outdated device drivers
  • The Windows registry is corrupted or damaged.
  • Malware or virus infection
  • The Windows operating system is outdated.

You now know the reasons for the Blue Screen of Death error in Windows 10. Now, let’s fix the problem.

How Do I Fix The Blue Screen Of Death Windows 10?

The solutions below will help you fix the Windows 10 bluescreen of death error. Try each fix and determine which one is most effective in resolving your BSOD issue.

Solution 1: Boot Windows 10 into Safe Mode

It is the simplest way to fix the blue screen. Boot your Windows 10 into a safe mode to fix the BSOD error. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Press the Windows key.
  • Go to settings.
  • Select Update
  • Click on Recover.
  • Click on the Restart Now button under Advanced Startup.
  • Windows will restart.
  • Select Troubleshoot under Choose an Option.
  • Choose Advanced Options from the Troubleshoot menu.
  • Select Startup Settings in the Advanced Options.
  • Click on the Restart option in the Startup settings.
  • Press F4 for Safe Mode, F5 for Safe Mode with Networking, and F6 for Safe Mode Command Prompt.

Windows 10 has successfully been booted in Safe Mode. Restart your computer to return to normal mode.

The fix for the for the Windows 10 Blue Screen Error will also speed up the Windows 10 OS.

Solution 2: Update Windows 10 Driver

Outdated drivers can also be the reason behind the BSOD error in Windows 10. If your drivers are outdated or incompatible, then you need to update them.

Here are the steps to update the drivers:

  • Click on the Windows icon.
  • Type Device Manager and hit the Enter key.
  • In the device manager, choose the driver that needs to be updated.
  • Right-click on it and select the update driver option.
  • Click on Search for automatically updated driver software.

will start to search for the latest version of the driver that is compatible with your operating system and install it on Windows 10.

After the new and updated driver is installed, restart your PC and see if this fixes the Windows 10 blue screen of death or not.

Solution 3: Perform an SFC Scan

Users can experience a Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death error due to damaged or corrupted system files. To fix this problem, you can run a SFC scan. This will repair system files and get rid of BSOD errors.

Take the following steps:

  • Press the Windows key.
  • Click on Run as Administrator and type cmd.
  • Enter the following command in the Command Prompt window:


Wait for the scanning to be completed, which could take several minutes.

After the scan is complete, restart Windows to see if it fixes Windows 10 Blue Screen Fix.


You can find out how to fix the Windows 10 bluescreen error and other information about the blue screen.

You can now try each solution and determine which one is the best to fix the error. If you encounter a black screen error, then fix that too.

The easy solution is to use the above method if none of the other solutions work.

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