How to Fix Avast Turning Off by Itself Issue 2024?

Avast antivirus software is available for iOS, Windows, and Android devices, as well as Linux and Mac.

It is an antivirus program that protects your computer by detecting malware, phishing attacks, viruses, ransomware, and spyware.

What happens if Avast Turning Off by Itself? Yes, that’s right. Avast is constantly turning off, which can lead to your PC being infected by malicious software.

This article contains some solutions to Avast shutting off on its own.

Fix the Avast turning off problem by using the workarounds.

How to Fix Avast Turning Off by Itself Problem?

These troubleshooting steps will assist you in fixing the Avast turns itself off problem. Try them all, and then decide which solution is best for you.

Fix 1: Update Avast to the Newest Version

Avast’s old version may be the cause of the issue where Avast turns off on its own. To ensure that Avast continues to function properly, you should check if there is an update available if you recently updated your Windows operating system.

If there are any updates, update Avast to the most recent version by following these steps:

  • Select the Avast symbol to launch it.
  • Select the menu by clicking on it.
  • Choose your settings.
  • Select the update option by clicking on General.
  • Select Check for Updates, then Download.
  • Try running Avast after the most recent version has been updated to see if it still turns off on its own.

The issue where the Avast behaviour shield keeps going off can also be resolved with this technique.

Fix 2: Check aswbIDSAgent Service is Running Properly

Your computer is protected by a service called aswbIDSAgent in Avast. You may be able to resolve the Avast keeps turning off issue by making some adjustments to the settings of this service.

To make sure the aswbIDSAgent service is operating correctly, take the following steps:

Hit the Windows + R keyboard shortcut, type services.msc, and then select OK.

  • Look for aswbIDSAgent Service and choose Properties with a right-click.
  • Verify whether the service has ended; if not, click the STOP button and bide your time for it to do so.
  • Select Automatic under Startup Type now, and then press the Start button.
  • By doing this, the aswbIDSAgent service will restart.

Launch Avast and check whether the problem of Avast shutting off on its own has been fixed or if it persists.

Fix 3: Try Reinstalling Avast

If the aforementioned fixes weren’t successful in stopping Avast from shutting off on its own, you can try reinstalling it.

Remove Avast first, then do the following actions:

  • Click the Windows symbol.
  • Access the settings.
  • Select Applications.
  • Choose Features and Apps
  • Look for Avast, select it, and then select the uninstall option.
  • To confirm the uninstallation, click Yes.
  • Visit Avast’s official website to get the most recent version of the program after removing it from your computer.
  • After downloading the Avast files, turn off the internet and start Windows in safe mode on your computer.
  • Try running Avast again after the reinstallation is complete, and this time it won’t shut down by itself.

Try running Avast again after the reinstallation is complete, and this time it won’t shut down by itself.

Avast Behaviour Shield is another problem that causes Avast to turn off in addition to this one. Indeed, the Avast Behaviour Shield is indeed constantly going off.

Let me start by explaining that the Avast Behaviour Shield is an additional layer of protection for your computer against different types of attacks.

Regretfully, though, Behaviour Shield repeatedly turns off at startup. Learn the cause of this as well as how to repair it here.

Why My Avast Behavior Shield Keeps Turning Off?

The inability to manually activate Avast and the fact that some programs are prohibited by Avast but are deemed safe due to administrator rights are the reasons why Avast shields are continually going off.

Check out the fixes for the Avast behaviour shield keeps turning off problem now.

Fix 1: Repair the Avast Antivirus Software

Fixing Avast Antivirus software will address the issue of Avast behaviour shield continuously shutting off in addition to Avast going off on its own.

To continue, take these steps:

  • To open Avast, click its icon.
  • Select the menu by clicking on it.
  • Go to Settings and select General.
  • Select Troubleshooting, then click Repair App.
  • Have patience and wait for the repair process to be finished, which may take some time.

After the operation is finished, use Avast again to see if the problem with Avast shutting down automatically has been resolved.

Fix 2: Use Command prompt

You can stop Avast’s background scanning or the behaviour shield by using the command prompt. This could assist in resolving the issue where the Avast Behaviour Shield turns off on its own.

To use the command prompt to disable behaviour, follow these steps:

Click the Windows icon, type cmd, then choose Run as Administrator by right-clicking on the search result.

  • Type C:\ProgramData\AvastSoftware\ Avast into the command prompt window and hit Enter.
  • A new window will open. Navigate to the avast5.ini.file and click on it.
  • Put in the command [GrimeFighter]: ScanFrequency=999 and save it.
  • Restart your computer.

Check to see if the turning off issue has been rectified now.

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Okay, dude.

I’ll end my article here. I’ve compiled a list of fixes for the issue where Behaviour Shield repeatedly turns off Avast on its own.

To keep your computer safe, apply the repairs one at a time and activate your Avast antivirus program.

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