How to Fix Error 651 in Windows 10? (8 Easy Solutions) 2024

Windows is a popular OS among users because it’s very easy to use.

Windows is not perfect. It can show some errors that affect all the work done by users on their laptop or computer.

In this blog, I will discuss “How To Fix Error 651 Or Error Codes 651 In Windows 7/8.1/10?” The error is very annoying, and many Windows users suffer from it.

The issue occurs when users try to perform any internet- or web-related task with the modem set in bridge mode. This issue occurs when users attempt to connect using a PPPoE connection. This error code is the same as Error Code 6978 in Windows XP.

This might not seem like a big deal, but the router or modem can hang down. The main issue is that you cannot use the internet via the Windows desktop.

You may be frustrated by this issue, as it is likely to appear after a set interval and ask you for a fix. This issue is not resolved even after running Windows diagnostics.

Continue reading this blog, and then apply the solutions below one by one to get your internet connection without the Error 651.

What are the Causes of Error 651?

Here is a list of possible causes for the Windows error 651 to appear. Take a look and learn more about them.

  • Windows registry database corruption
  • When the system file raspppoe.sys is misplaced or damaged
  • IP settings may be damaged or incorrect.
  • The Internet configuration is broken.
  • The wrong connection at broadband
  • Disable the LAN card on the desktop.
  • The virus infection on the system has damaged the driver.
  • The modem connection to the system can also be affected by spyware.
  • Third-party firewall applications are blocking the connection.

You now know what caused this error, so let’s fix it by using the solutions.

How Do I Fix Error 651 in Windows 10?

To fix Error 651 while trying to connect to the internet, you can use the solutions below.

Solution 1: Power Cycle Modem and Router

To power cycle your router, follow the steps below.

  • Turn off your router and computer first, then the modem.
  • Remove all cables connected to the computer, modem, or router.
  • Connect them all and restart your Windows computer.

Solution 2: Repair Registry Database and Remove Junk Registry Keys

In most cases, Error 651 can be caused by bad registry files. A damaged registry key may cause this problem. To repair the damaged registry database, you will need to delete the junk registry keys.

Solution 3: Repair and Update raspppoe.sys file

This issue can also be caused by a misplaced PPPOE file. This is a Windows 7 driver system file. This file is also called rasppoe.sys.

Check that the file exists in its original location. If not, make a copy of it to use later. If you cannot find this file, follow the solution below:

  • You can download the raspberrypoe.sys online or copy it from another computer or laptop.
  • After it passed the file to a specific location, C:WindowsSystem32Drivers
  • Finally, connect your modem again. It is hoped that it will work.

You can connect your modem, or any other device, without Error 651 appearing on the screen.

Solution 4: Create a New PPP0E Connection

As I mentioned above, the problem was caused by a PPPoE configuration that wasn’t properly configured. To fix error code 651, you can delete the old connection and create a brand new one.

Follow these steps:

  • Press the Windows key.
  • Type control panel
  • Select View Status and Task by clicking on Networks.
  • Then, select “Create a new network or connection.”.
  • Click on Next and select “Connect to the Internet.” This will create a PPPoE connection.
  • Click on Broadband PPPoE.
  • Click on Connect to connect. Enter the name of your connection. Add username, password, and IPS information.

Once you have completed all the steps and verified that your credentials are correct, you will be able to connect to the Internet without seeing Error 651 anymore.

Solution 5: Reinstall LAN Card Drivers

To fix Error 651 with the modem, first uninstall your LAN card driver and then reinstall a new one.

The reinstallation will fix Error 651 and make your modem connection function properly.

Solution 6: Disable IPV6 from Windows 7 and 8

Internet Protocol Version 6 is an important part of the Windows Internet. Sometimes disabling IPV6 can fix the problem.

  • Click on Start and select Control Panel.
  • Click on “Share and Network Centre.”.
  • Select Properties and uncheck “Internet Protocol Version 6.”.

After you disable IPV6 in your Windows operating system, try to connect to the internet. See if Error 651 persists.

Solution 7: Create New Dialer and Reboot ADSL modem router

This might be the smallest way to fix Error 651. Create a new dialer and delete the old dialer. First, remove your dialer and create a brand new one.

Restart the ADSL router after completing this step, and reconnect your connection.

Solution 8: Reinstall/Update LAN Card Drivers

The final solution to Error 651 in Windows 10 is this: Install drivers for your internet adapter using Device Manager. Follow the steps below to reinstall your LAN card driver.

  • Click the Windows icon.
  • Enter the Control Panel by typing it in and pressing the Enter key.
  • Click on “device manager.”
  • Click on Network Adapter and select Properties.
  • Double-click the network to open it, and then click the Driver Tab.
  • Click the Update Driver button.

Driver updaters can be used to repair or upgrade your system drivers. This tool can not only fix driver issues but also fix driver errors and outdated system drivers with ease.

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This blog concludes with a list of solutions to help you troubleshoot Windows error 651.

Try each fix and then decide which is the best to resolve the Error 651 while trying to connect to the internet. You can also scan your computer with the recommended tool to remove errors.

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