How to Fix iMessage Activation Errors? (100% Solved)

You can restart your iMessage if iMessage has been turned on, and Apple isn’t experiencing any problems. We have some other ideas if that doesn’t work. This article will help you troubleshoot iMessage activation errors.

What Causes iMessage Activation Errors?

If you encounter an iMessage activation problem, you will typically only be able to send and receive text messages. (They’ll show a green text bubble instead of the blue iMessage one.).

You’ll usually see at least one of the following things when you encounter an iMessage activation Error:

  • No text message can be sent or received.
  • Your blue text bubbles have turned green. You can still send and receive messages.
  • iMessage claims that the text messages sent have not been delivered.
iMessage Activation Errors

You can’t identify an error unless you’ve already fixed it. The tips listed below will have you back to bubbling blue in no time.

How to Fix an Unsuccessful Activation in iMessage?

Try each solution in order to fix a failed activation of iMessage or other IMessage Activation Error.

Solution 1. Check if iMessages are enabled

This fix is not necessary if the iMessage activation message indicates that iMessage has been turned on. However, it is easy to verify.

Open Settings and select Messages. Check the toggle. Tap it if it’s grey to make it active.

Solution 2. Restart your iPhone

It is also the easiest fix to try, so you should do it first. Restarting your phone will usually fix the issue if it’s configured correctly and Apple’s servers are not at fault.

  • iPhone X or later: Hold down the Side button and the Volume Down button, and then slide the power off slider.
  • Older models: Hold down Sleep/Wake and then slide the Power Off slider.

Solution 3. Check the Apple server status page

This page shows the current status of Apple services and provides information on scheduled maintenance.

Apple will have to fix the issue if iMessage is unavailable or down. After the servers are back online, you may need to restart your device.

Solution 4. Check the internet connection on your iPhone

You’ll first need to repair your iPhone’s WiFi connection or determine why there is no service on the iPhone. Then, try iMessage once more.

Solution 5. Refresh your iMessage connection

You may be able to fix the issue by refreshing your internet connection if iMessage worked before. You will need to turn iMessage off, restart your device, and then turn it back on.

To turn off iMessage, open Settings and then Messages. Then tap on the toggle. After restarting your phone, go to Settings, Messages, and tap on the iMessage toggle.

Solution 6. Apple ID Sign Out

then sign back in. Signing out of Apple ID will force iMessage to reconnect when you sign in again, unless another issue is preventing it.

Open Setting. Tap your name. Then tap Sign Out. Restart your iPhone, and then open Settings. Tap Sign In.

Solution 7. Verify the time and date settings

If your iPhone’s time and date are incorrect, iMessage may not work correctly or activate. If the time or date is incorrect, fix it, and then test if iMessage functions.

Verify that the information displayed is accurate by navigating to Settings >> General >> Date and Time. You can turn off the Set automatically toggle and manually set the date and time if it’s not correct.

Solution 8. Update your iPhone

If you have an outdated iPhone operating system, iMessage may not work correctly. Install any updates and check iMessage.

Solution 9. Factory reset your iPhone

Before you do this, make a backup of your iPhone and try the other solutions.

You’ll need to either contact Apple Support for further assistance if Apple’s servers were up and none of the fixes you tried worked. If you are unable to send any text messages, the problem may be with your service provider.


Fixing iMessage activation Error is as simple as following a few steps. Double-check that your iMessage settings are correct, ensure your internet connection remains stable, and update your iPhone’s iOS to the latest version. Check for updates from your carrier and restart your device. If the issue persists, sign out and log back in to your Apple ID. You can also reset your network settings. These steps will help you fix iMessage activation issues and get your messages back on track.

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Why do my iPhone texts not send?

If you are unable to send from your iPhone, try restarting the Messages application, connecting to a network, and turning Aeroplane Mode off and on. If the problem persists, try restarting the iPhone and checking the iMessage status. Also, confirm that the message type you are sending is supported.

How can I fix the “Unknown Message Not Found Error” on my iPhone?

Check your mobile reception and then turn iMessage off and FaceTime on again to fix it. You can try turning Aeroplane Mode off and on, updating iOS, and restarting your iPhone if you are still having problems.

How can I fix “iMessage has been signed out”?

If you still see this error, make sure to check your iMessage server and restart your iPhone. Also, turn iMessage off and on. Update your phone, check the time, date, and region settings, and update it if you are still having issues.

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