How to Fix Stick Drift on a PS5 Controller: (9 Solutions)

Install the latest firmware update, clean the controller, and perhaps request an official Sony repair.

PS5 controller drift can be a frustrating problem that makes some PlayStation games impossible to play. This page contains all of the tested strategies to fix joy stick drift on PS5 consoles. These range from quick fixes up to more complex solutions.

What Is PS5 Controller Drift?

PS5 controller drift is also called stick drift or joystick drift. It occurs when either one of the two joysticks in a PlayStation 5 controller seems to move without being touched. Stick drift can be caused either by software or hardware issues and is sometimes triggered by both.

Stick drift on the PlayStation 5 can be characterised by characters moving themselves, vehicles drifting in racing games, or menu items that are highlighted or selected randomly.

PS5 Controller Drift Repair Strategies

Here are the best solutions to fix PS5 controller lag. You should try to fix the PS5 controller drift in the correct order. Some of the simpler fixes may be enough to get the joysticks to work.

How to Fix Stick Drift on a PS5?

Fix 1: Clean your PS5 controller

Regular cleaning of video game controllers for hygiene is important. However, a quick wipe and scrub on your PS5 controller can remove dirt and gunk that could cause buttons to stick and drift.

Clean your PS5 controller

Check for firmware updates on the PS5 controller. Connect your controller to your PlayStation 5 console and turn it on. The PS5 controller is automatically scanned to determine if a firmware update is required. If an installation is required, a prompt will appear on the TV screen.

Fix 2: Update your PS5 console

Select System > System Software Update and Settings > Update System Software. Then select Update System Software Using the Internet. Installing the most recent PlayStation operating system will improve the functionality and compatibility of hardware, software, and accessories like controllers.

Update your PS5 console

Fix 3: Reset your PS5 controller

A factory reset is an easy way to fix any connectivity or gameplay issues.

Fix 4: Switch the Bluetooth on and off again

Bluetooth conflicts may cause problems with controller stick movement, connectivity, and gameplay. Open Settings and choose Accessory, Controllers, then Communications Method. Choose Turn off Bluetooth on the next screen. Wait a moment, then choose Switch on Bluetooth.

Fix 5: Setup your DualSense Edge Deadzones

You can adjust the joystick sensitivity if you have a DualSense Edge Wireless Controller to prevent them from activating because of an internal stick-drift issue. Open Settings, select Accessories > DualSense Wireless Controller > Custom profiles > Create Custom profile, and click OK. Choose Stick Sense/Deadzone from your profile and choose the stick you wish to edit. Then experiment with different sensitivity settings and curves to counteract drift.

Fix 6: Replace the DualSense Edge wireless controller sticks

DualSense Edge controllers allow the user to replace the sticks whenever they want.

Fix 7: You can get a new one from the retailer where you purchased it

If you have purchased a product within the last few weeks, most video game and technology shops will replace it for free. This method is usually faster and easier to use than the official Sony repair and replacement options.

Fix 8: Visit the PlayStation Hardware & Repairs page

Sony will fix the stick-drift issue if your PS5 controller is still under warranty. They may even send you a free replacement controller.

Fix 9: Replace the sticks in your DualSense controller by opening it up

You can fix the stick drift problem yourself if you are unable to have your controller repaired, replaced, or if none of the solutions above work.

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If you want to test if your PlayStation Controller has stick drift, start playing a game that requires sticks. Then place your controller on a flat surface. If your controller is working, the game should not register any movement.

If the game reacts as if you are pressing or tilting the stick, then it is likely that there is a problem with the drift of the stick.

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