Are you aware of the solution to the UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP ERROR on Windows 10? This post is for you if you’re also experiencing this issue. Mytenproducts has 3 solutions for you in this post. Continue reading to learn how.


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Fix 1. Troubleshoot Hardware Failures

Hardware incompatibility and hardware failure can cause the UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP error. Remove any hardware that you have recently added to your computer to check if the error occurs. If the hardware is faulty, remove it or replace it.

You can run Hardware & Devices Troubleshooter on Windows or in Safe Mode to identify the hardware component that failed. It will then identify and resolve any issues it finds. Please follow the steps below:

  • Click Start in the lower right corner. Then click Settings.
  • Click Troubleshoot after selecting Update and Security.
  • Scroll down and click Hardware & Devices. Click Run Troubleshooter.

Fix 2. Check for Windows Update

Windows updates are generally able to fix security issues and bugs that affect both hardware and software. Installing new Windows updates will keep your computer stable and healthy.

  • Open Updates & Security Click again Check for updates on the right side.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to install the update.

Fix 3. Check Memory

If this is the case, you should check your memory. In this case, you will need to test your memory. You will need to be able to boot your computer into Windows normally, or Safe Mode.

Boot into WinRE. Windows or installation media will not start after two failed attempts.

  • After you have entered WinRE, navigate to Troubleshoot and Advanced Options. Click Startup Settings, and then press F5 to select Enable Safe Mode With Networking. This will boot you into Safe Mode.
  • Enter “Memory Diagnostic” into the Windows Search Box. Double-click on the icon that best matches Windows Memory Diagnostic.
  • Select Restart Now and check for problems.
  • After the diagnosis process is complete, your computer will reboot and test the memory. The computer will automatically boot up after the diagnosis is complete. You will then need to review the diagnosis report.
  • To open the Run window, press “Windows and R.” In the Run text box, type “eventvwr.”. Then press the enter key.
  • Navigate to System > Windows Logs. Click filter current log on the right.
  • In the Event Sources box, choose MemoryDiagnostics-Results, and then click the OK button to display all result logs of the memory test.
  • Double-click on the result logs for details and general information. You can use the following solutions if there are no errors with the memory: You can fix the memory problem if there are errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is kernel trap?

Computers have two modes of operation: user mode and kernel mode. In kernel mode, the operating system can have access to the entire hardware, and the computer will run any instructions it gives.
User programs, on the other hand, run in user mode. In this mode, programs are limited to a few commands and do not have direct hardware access.
The trap instructions are useful if the software requires access to hardware or needs to call a kernel function. They can cause the execution flow to fall from user mode into kernel mode, transferring control to the OS, so the user program may call the kernel function and use hardware through the OS.
To play a video, for example, the video software sends a trap in order to access hardware such as display and sound cards.

What causes unexpected kernel mode trap?

The unexpected kernel mode trap may be caused by
1. Error 0x00000000, also known as Divide by Zero: This error indicates memory corruption or other hardware issues or software failures.
2. Invalid Opcode: This usually indicates hardware memory corruption.

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