How to Fix Windows Movie Maker Not Showing Video Windows 10

Do not worry if you discover that Windows Movie Maker does not show video on Windows 10. You can fix the movie maker audio only, no video issue, by reading this article.

Windows Movie Maker is an easy-to-use video editing program that’s widely used to create movies. Movie Maker is the most popular due to its wizard interface and simple operation.

This free video editor offers effects and audio tracks to complete and enhance your movie.

This is a great application that allows you to create your own movie using pictures and videos. You can share the finished product via Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

If you also receive Windows Movie Maker not showing video on Windows 10, then please follow the solutions given here.

You must first check the supported file formats. If the file format does not work, then Movie Maker will not function.

Why is My Windows Movie Maker not Showing Video Windows 10?

  • Drivers may not be compatible with Windows 10 or have malfunctioned.
  • The codes that are missing or corrupted in video and audio code
  • Images and videos that do not display properly can be caused by outdated or missing video graphic drivers.
  • Windows Movie Maker corrupted files in Windows 10

Follow the solutions given one by one to fix Movie Maker only audio and no video.

What to do When Windows Movie Maker not Showing Video in Windows 10?

Fix 1: Try to Troubleshoot & Repair Windows Movie Maker

You must first troubleshoot Windows Movie Maker in order to fix any problems. will also clear any jammed code or storyboard/preview panel.

Follow the steps below to launch Movie Maker and perform a few tests.

  • Add photos to your project, and then check that they appear correctly. Save it as a video and see if the.mp4 that results plays with no issues.
  • Add.wmv files to your project and see if they play as you expect. Save the movie, and then try to play it.
  • Test your video files, or try other videos in the same format. This will ensure that it’s not a video that cannot be decoded correctly or is corrupted.

Repair Windows Movie Maker: If everything seems to be working but the video still does not appear, try repairing Windows Movie Maker.

  • Press the Windows key + R, then click Run. Type appwiz.cpl and hit Enter.
  • Now, in the Programs & Features window, locate and right-click on Windows Essentials. Choose Uninstall/Change.
  • Click Repair All Windows Live Programs and wait until the repair is complete.

This is estimated to work for you if your movie maker only plays audio now in Windows 10. If not, then try the next solution.

Fix 2: Turn off Video Stabilization on Videos

Users have reported that the video stabilisation feature can cause storyboards to be blank and crush when previewing videos.

Here’s a suggestion: disable this feature on your video, and you may be able to solve your problem.

To turn off video stabilisation, follow the steps.

  • Open Movie Maker, and then add your videos and files.
  • Highlight the video on the Storyboard where you wish to remove stabilisation.
  • Click Edit under Video Tool.
  • Click Video Stabilisation, then choose None.

Check if you can see the problem in the video or images.

Fix 3: Update or Reinstall Windows Essentials 2012

As mentioned above, if Windows Movie Maker has become outdated or corrupted, then it may result in Movie Maker only having audio and no video.

Check if Windows Live Movie Maker is the latest version. Install Movie Maker 2012. This is the most recent version.

Take the following steps:

  • Download Windows Essentials 2012 here. Or Windows Movie Maker here.
  • Run the installation file to remove any that are already installed in Windows Essential. The installation files, and to install the program.
  • Reinstall Windows Movie Maker.

If this doesn’t work, then try the next option.

Fix 4: Update Graphics Drivers

Try updating the drivers if the graphic card or driver is outdated. To update your graphics drivers, follow these steps:

  • Type devmgmt.msc in the Run box by pressing Windows Key + R.
  • Open the Device Manager and expand the Display Adapters section. Now locate your graphics device.
  • Click on the driver and choose Update Driver Software.
  • Let it search for drivers automatically.

If this doesn’t work, go to the website of your computer manufacturer, find the latest driver, and install it.

Fix 5: Run Movie Maker in the Compatibility Mode

If none of these solutions work for you, try running the movie maker in compatibility mode.

This step has been confirmed by many users to be effective in fixing the Windows Movie Maker not showing videos issue.

It is worth a shot to fix Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10 not showing video.

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Here is my complete list of information on the Windows Movie Maker Windows 10 not showing video problem.

The movie maker audio only problem can be resolved by following the instructions.

As I have always said and recommended, keep your computer clean and up-to-date. This simple rule will improve your PC’s security, fix different issues, and ensure that you won’t get this error again.

Good luck..!

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