How To Fix Xbox One Error 0x82d40004? [Quick Solutions 2024]

Xbox One allows you to install any game or application. Unfortunately, some Xbox One users are experiencing Xbox One Error 0x82d40004.

This error code is 0x82d40004. Xbox One appears when users attempt to launch a program or game, regardless of whether the game disc has been inserted. The game can be very frustrating for players.

Here are some solutions to Xbox Error Code 0x82d40004 that you can use to fix this error.

This article will provide you with a variety of troubleshooting methods that can fix Xbox One error 0x82d40004 as well as Xbox One S error 0x82d40004, even if your disc is still in Xbox 1.

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How Do I Fix Error 0x82d40004?

Error Code 0x82d40004 may appear on Xbox One, Xbox One S, or even when a game disc is being inserted. The fixes below will fix the error in all three cases.

Solution 1: Re-add your Xbox Account

Xbox One Error 0x82d40004 can be fixed by removing and adding a brand new Xbox account. You must first delete the account from the Xbox console before you can re-add it.

Remove the account by following these steps:

  • Open Xbox by clicking on it.
  • Choose the system.
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Account.
  • Click on Remove Accounts.
  • Click on Remove to delete the account.
  • When the account is deleted, click on Close.

Add a new account after removing the old one. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Choose the player picture in the upper left corner of your Xbox screen.
  • Click on to add new
  • Click the Enter key and enter the email account you wish to add.
  • Add the Microsoft account in Sign In & Security Settings.
  • Sign in to your account by following the steps.

Xbox One error 0x82d40004 will not appear while playing this game.

Solution 2: Change the Power Mode to Instant-On

Many players have experienced error code 0x82d40004 on the on the Xbox One disc in power mode because it is set to energy-saving modes.

You need to switch the power mode from instant-on to Xbox error 0x82d40004. To change the power setting, follow these steps:

  • Open Xbox by clicking on it.
  • Click Settings
  • Click on Tab General.
  • Choose the power and startup options.
  • Click on power mode to set it to instant-on energy savings.
  • A console restart is required after changing power mode.

Try to launch the game again and check if you get rid of the 0x82d40004 Xbox error.

Solution 3: Switch Console to Offline Mode

Switch to offline mode if your Xbox 1 error code 0x82d40004 is preventing you from accessing the digital content you purchased.

If you choose the offline mode, you can access your game library without error. However, you’ll lose the multiplayer feature.

By switching to offline mode, you can fix the Xbox One error 0x82d40004.

  • Open the menu by pressing the Xbox buttons on the controller.
  • Select the settings.
  • Click on network
  • Select Network Settings
  • Click on Go Offline.

You can now access your digital purchases without the Xbox Error Code 0x82d40004.

Solution 4: Clean the Disc

Cleaning the disc can solve the error code 0x82d40004 on the on the Xbox One disc. The disc must be cleaned from the edge to the centre without touching either the bottom or the top.

To begin with, remove your game disc from the machine and clean it using a damp cloth. Wait a few minutes, then insert the disc.

Try to launch the game again and see if the Xbox One error 0x82d40004 persists.

Solution 5: Try to Reset Console

Try resetting the console to see if it fixes Xbox One error 0x82d40004. Then launch the game and check whether resetting worked or not.

To reset your console, follow these steps:

  • Open the guide by pressing the Xbox button.
  • Select Settings > All Settings
  • Select Console Info & Updates by clicking on System.
  • Click on Reset Console.
  • There are two options available: Reset everything, and reset my games and applications.
  • Select the Reset my games and apps option and wait until the process is completed.

If you choose to reset everything, all of your apps and games installed will be deleted, and you will need to reinstall them.

You can now launch and play a game. You won’t get the Xbox One error 0x82d40004. this time.

Solution 6: Clear the Persistent Storage

The fix for Error 0x82d40004 is to remove the disc that contains it on Xbox One. You need to clear persistent storage if you’re facing this error due to play content that is stored on the Blue-Ray disc.

Persistent storage is temporary storage that can be deleted without losing any data. Clearing the persistent storage is as simple as following these steps:

  • Open the guide by pressing the Xbox buttons on the controller.
  • Settings
  • Click on the console
  • Choose Blu-ray discs and
  • Click on Permanent Storage.
  • Choose the Clear Permanent Storage option and wait until the process is completed.

Restart the console now and launch the game again to see if Xbox One error 0x82d40004 has been resolved.


Xbox One error 0x82d40004 can be a frustrating error that prevents players from playing games.

This article contains solutions to the Xbox error.

This error code is 0x82d40004 on Xbox One. I’ve tried to list all the possible solutions.

I hope the fixes above helped you fix your error. Please contact us if you have any questions by visiting our Facebook page. Don’t forget to give it a thumbs up.

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