How to 2024 Fix Roku Screen Mirroring Not Working on Windows 10

How to Fix Roku Screen Mirroring Not Working on Windows 10? Screen mirroring allows you to mirror the content from your phone or tablet on your TV.

You can copy the screen from your Windows or phone to your TV using this function. It allows sending videos, music, photos, web pages, etc. Roku .

You must first enable and organise the features on your Windows device or Android device before requesting the connection with the Roku devices. You can view your device’s screen once it has been connected.

But it doesn’t always work that way. Windows 10 users report that they cannot pair with Roku to mirror and receive an error.

This article will help you solve the Windows 10 Roku Screen Mirroring Not Working issue.

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What Causes Screen Mirroring Not Working on Windows 10?

In various forums, this Windows 10 Roku Screen Mirroring Not Working issue and its solution have been discussed.

There are many possible causes for the screen-mirroring problem. Take a look:

  • Outdated Miracast Driver: This error is often caused by a computer trying to use screen-mirroring technology that’s not compatible with your driver version.
  • Roku stuck in limbo: Another reason that Windows 10 Roku Screen Mirroring does not work could be because the Roku device is stuck in limbo and the OS views it as pending.

How to Fix Roku Screen Mirroring not Working on Windows 10

There are a few ways to fix the Windows 10 screen mirroring that is not working. You can also connect the Roku.

Solution 1: Update Windows to Its Newest Version

Updating Windows 10 to the current version will help fix Windows 10 Roku screen mirroring not working.

  • Open the Run box by pressing Windows +.
  • Type’ms-settings:windowsupdate’ and click on OK.
  • The Windows update option located in settings will be launched.
  • Windows Update, click on Check for Updates.
  • The screen will display any available updates.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen
  • Restart your system after the update process is complete.

Check if the Roku screen mirroring problem on Windows 10 has been resolved or not.

Solution 2: Remove Roku from Paired Device List

Remove Roku and re-add the device. It may help you connect Roku to Windows 10 for mirroring.

  • Open the Run box by pressing Windows +.
  • Type “ms-settings:connected devices” and click OK.
  • The desktop will display all paired devices.
  • Click on Other Devices, and then Bluetooth devices and other devices.
  • Click on the Roku device to find it.
  • Click on the Remove Device option.
  • After deleting the Roku, a pop-up menu appears.
  • Click on Add Bluetooth Devices.
  • Choose the wireless display or dock.
  • Wait for the Roku to appear on your screen.
  • Restart your computer by following the instructions on the screen.

Check if the Windows 10 Roku Screen Mirroring Not Working problem is resolved after performing the steps above.

Solution 3: Update Wireless Network Driver

Another solution to the problem of Roku screen-mirroring not working on Windows 10 is presented here. Update the wireless network drivers to fix screen mirroring.

  • Open the Run box by pressing Windows +.
  • Click OK after typing device manager.
  • Click on the yes button to open a menu with user account control.
  • Click on the Network Adapters option under Device Manager and expand it.
  • Click on the Wireless Network Adapters.
  • Select Property
  • Click on Driver in the Properties menu.
  • Click on Update Driver.
  • Click on it to search for driver updates automatically.
  • Wait until the scanning process is complete.
  • Follow the steps to update the driver.
  • Connect the Roku device to your computer again, and then try mirroring.
  • You won’t encounter any Roku screen-mirroring or not-working errors in Windows 10.

If you cannot update the driver manually, you can use Driver Updater. It will update drivers automatically and fix all driver problems.

How Do I Mirror Windows 10 to Roku?

It only takes a few moments to screen mirror from Windows 10 to Roku. Before you begin, however, it is necessary to enable screen-mirroring on your Roku device.

  • Click Home on the Roku Remote.
  • Settings
  • Select the screen that mirrors and enable the option.
  • Launch the action centre.
  • Click on the bottom corner.
  • Choose the Connect option from the Action Centre.
  • The screen will display a list of wireless devices.
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the screen after clicking on the Roku device.

These are the points that allow and block devices. You can change these settings to suit your needs. You can learn how to do it by following these steps:

  • Click Home on the Roku Remote.
  • Choose the system settings.

Screen mirroring allows you to change both the device settings (allow and block) and the settings on the screen.


Here are the solutions for troubleshooting the Windows 10 Roku Screen Mirroring Not Working Error. In case you are not aware, I also explained how to mirror Windows 10 on Roku.

Follow the instructions carefully to connect Roku, and enjoy screen mirroring.

This article should have answered all of your questions.

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