How to Fix Matchmaking Error on Fortnite PC: (100% Solve)

This guide will help you fix the annoying Matchmaking Error On Fortnite PC!

The worst thing that can happen while playing Fortnite is a matchmaking error. This prevents you from being able to load into games or play. In-game, these errors are referred to as “Fortnite Matchmaking Error #1” or “Fortnite Matchmaking Error #4.” They’re generic connection issues that occur when your game can’t communicate with Fortnite servers. This sometimes common error has several fixes and a method of troubleshooting that should help you get back in the game. How to fix Fortnite’s matchmaking error.

What Causes a Matchmaking Error on Fortnite PC?

Fortnite matchmaking problems are typically caused by a problem communicating with the Fortnite server. It could be your own connectivity issues, an update, or a new feature being added to Fortnite. Or it could be a problem on Epic Games’ servers. If the above methods don’t work, you will have to wait for Epic Games to fix the problem.

How Do You Fix a Matchmaking Error on Fortnite PC

Below, we will list a few ways to fix the error codes in Fortnite.

  • Restarting the game: Fortnite may not be able to connect to servers due to an error in the download or other issues. Many issues can be resolved by restarting the game.
  • Restart your computer, console, or device: The issue could be with your device. Restarting your console will fix any matchmaking errors, whether you are playing Fortnite on a PC, console, or phone.
  • Test the internet connection: Check that it’s not your connection. Sites like Downdetector will help you determine if the problem is with your ISP or a server-related issue.
  • Check the status of the server: By using the same method as above to test your connection, you can check if the servers are down.
Matchmaking Error on Fortnite PC
  • Select settings to change your region for matchmaking: Head over to the menu. You can fix this problem by changing the matchmaking region in the Language and Region settings.
Select settings to change your region for matchmaking
  • Verifying the integrity of game files: This method varies depending on your platform but can usually be performed via the Epic Games App or through your device’s app store. Below is the method to do this.
  • Reinstalling Fortnite: As a last resort, if you are still having trouble with the game, you can delete it and reinstall it. It’s a last-resort solution.

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If you follow the troubleshooting tips, you should be able to fix your Matchmaking Error on Fortnite PC.

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